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android Dololo

For us to explain Dololo, we most tell a story. We were at a social gathering but there was dololo group activity, and dololo access to favourite board game.A few phone calls were made to source a game, we then realize that there is no luck on our side and decide to look for games on-line. A few applications were found but could not compare to the competitive nature of the one we were used to playing. Fast forward a few months later. Upon accepting an invite to drinks after work with friends at a local pub I arrived and joined the conversations. As time passed, most people wanted to play their favourite general knowledge game. I then searched the Internet and found on one that offers similar features without the board. We open it to play and the clues have dololo relevance. The clues were based on the developer’s regional facts. We then proceeded by deleting the game and creating our own clues on each phone and the phone would be passed to the person who be describing to their team. As fun as this was, it proved to take up a lot of time to think of facts. At that point, the idea we had on that one summer day was validated as something that people in social environments could definitely use.

android Word N Sound

The WordNSound Poetry League is a safe competitive space, made available for writers who need to develop their profession as performance poets.

android Ward Councillors

A search interface to help residents know the councillors in their Wards. Information was retrived from the IEC gazetted list of councillors published on August 15. www.elections.org.za/content/For-Voters/2016-Municipal-Elections---Gazetted-Councillors-(PDF)/ Leaverages the webapps implemented on code4sa.